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Alliance Rules

Post by UnitAkira on Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:01 am

The Rules

An Alliance naturally is made up a number of groups of people and when ever there is a group there seems to be some kind of form of rules.
Been a Gaming Alliance We must have a set of rules to help govern our members conduct and Alliance well being . The following rules are there so we all can have fun and get the most of the game .

So its all pretty simple really, we all have to get along as to make the game fun and enjoyable for all in the alliance.
so here is the run down of the rules .

1. There are no level requirements but you must be active.

2. Be an active member!(again) A low level active member is better than a high level Inactive ! Now most Guilds/Alliances have some time frame about been inactive etc . Here its up to you to make a common sense call ,Its understandable that there is a whole bunch of stuff in real life that needs to get done, so all we ask is even if its a few mins a days or a few hours a weeks just try be online sometime, and if you arent going to be on for a while please lets us know, So in saying that if you are inactive for a great length of time yes you will be booted but only after been given some warning . You dont have to be racing thru the levels to be active, all we ask is this , members actively try to level, speak in alliance chat(if u dont feel like talking just a nice little hello would be great Smile ), and/or attend Alliance/Guild events, or just hang out lending a hand. if your character is an alt try and have it do enough to earn its keep Smile .
no alts of alts please.

3. no gold leeching or no plvling scaming!!! if you are new and the first thing you ask for is anyone of those two things you will be booted on the spot. members are happy to help but first prove that the help is warranted .

4. Be considerate to your Alliance/Guild mates. And remember once we were all noobs,we all make fools of ourself at some stage,but just try to remember your alliance/Guild mates are pretty much like your ingame family so try to get along. you dont have to be BFF's just relaxed and civil Smile

5. No hassling of female/male Alliance/Guild members or clan members. stalking or sending pm's confessing undying love etc that is unwarranted etc etc etc its a pretty easy one this one ... just dont be a sleaze bag.

6. Be mature please! All we ask here is that our members display a certain level of maturity. Drama kings and queens get a life !! The game is hard enough without all the drama's, if there is drama please sort it civil and mature like . we need to get along and No one in the Alliance/Guild is a babysitter please try and act like you dont need one.Lastly it doesnt matter if u r the leader's pet or whatever, if the majority of the guild is unhappy with u. you can pretty much guess that its a boot for you . try keep it balanced and speak up in chat if something is offending u but do it wisely and not attack the person saying it first .unless they continue with it . Guild officers if u have problem with them remember respect the rank .you dont have to like the person but they have the rank so show a little respect when dealing with them please.

7. Ingame behavior. your actions reflect on the Alliance/Guild . You have the Alliance/Guild name above your head, so all your actions reflect back on All of us in the Alliance/Guild, You represent all of US so please be aware of that . we want to build a good reputation for the Alliance/Guild and its up to you to reflect this in your actions. if someone is been an ass be cool and let him make the fool of himself .if you feel that the rage train you want to unleash is justified then ask for a little back up to help keep things in check.

8.The Alliance/Guild Leader Will do what he can but you must give some feed back, and they cant be on 24/7 so try help build an Alliance/Guild that can show it doesnt always need the Leader online to get things done.... last and most Importantly!!! HAVE FUN its an order Smile

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