Unlocked boxes and free exp

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Unlocked boxes and free exp

Post by UnitAkira on Wed May 23, 2012 8:45 pm

So all around Freedom Harbor there are there little unlocked boxes which contains a Scroll of Mysteries which when used will give you a bit of exp, you can use up to 5 per day. So far I only found 5 spots where they spawn, don't know if there's any others since 5 spots already corresponds 5 times daily limit for the scrolls.

I'm not in the CB so I don't know the official English localization for the NPCs and location, I'll try my best to describe them properly.

So this one is on top of the tower behind the reputation NPC for the Elves/Stoneman, just go up the winding stairs and you will see it.

This one you have to go to the Lionheart section of Freedom Harbor, there's a staircase on the west wall of the city and once you go up you will see it, just jump over and walk through the wooden plank to get to it.

The next three there was no box at the time I took the screenshots, but I assure you that I have opened the boxes at these location before more than once.

This one is behind the skill trainer for Kindred Mage, just go inside that structure and there's a spawn spot there.

This next one is in at the marketplace, just go on the platform on the right instead of going down the slope after you enter through the archway behind our beloved Henry, and there's a wooden plank that will lead you to this smaller platform.

This last one is also at the marketplace, it's in the back alleyway behind the room where the NPCs that sells potions and alchemy stuff. You can either go through the room(there's a backdoor, or around the building on the right side.

And there you have it, it's not alot of exp but it does increase as your level increases much like the exp from other daily quest.

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