A Guide to Dedication

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A Guide to Dedication

Post by UnitAkira on Wed May 23, 2012 8:25 pm

Henry's (i.e. Life in Freedom Harbor) - At least 10 dedication (but you can get up to 30 if you didn't quite do 10 in prior days)
God's Trial (GT) - 2 dedication per instance
Arena (on days that it's open) - 2 dedication for first match each day
Nightmare Carnival (on days it's open) - 1 dedication
World and Personal Luck (up to 5 a day) - 2 dedication each
Guild Base Set Daily - 2 dedication
AFK train - 1 dedication
Glistening Lowlands - 1 dedication
Creekbank Valley / Immortal Pool - 1 dedication per instance
World Event (i.e. Fort Khoaway, Eternal Belief, Hunting Festival, etc.) - 2 dedication each
Level Appropriate Gear Instance (i.e. OAC, AC, FP, AS) - 1 dedication for first run(?)
Wade's Fishing Hole - 1 dedication for each entry

Exorcism - 20 dedication
Arena Quests - 8 dedication per completed (up to 32 dedication)

Nightfall Update (with the addition of Nightfall, reaching 200 dedication is now easier than ever)
Nightfall Daily Quest (i.e. Run Boy Run, Nightfall Secrets, Nightfall Patrol Rotation) - 1 dedication eah
Dragon Orders - 2 dedication each

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