Getting Starting in the game

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Getting Starting in the game

Post by UnitAkira on Sun Jan 09, 2011 1:02 am

1. Most important ... relax get to know your surroundings!!! what's the rush??? I dont know how many times a day i get bombed with.. how do i craft ? , where do i get this ?? how can i make gold i need gold ...etc etc .
and thats from some people who have only been ingame for like 30 mins.(its not like im not busy im trying to figure out the game where im at too)

We all want to level quick, Yeah its no fun grinding but hey somethings have to be done ..
Ok you get to sunstream you want everything now .. well you get what you need for your level and more.
a lot of people miss this point .. If u didnt give an inductors code you only get one green chest but in it is enough to start off..if you did use an inductors code you get a second chest with goodies... yeah there is a point to running around at you know where stuff is at and you start learning about the game .
I admit its confusing at first..there's a lot of quest you can take that arent quite for your level, things arent that well explained and there are a few quest that are qlitched or not fully ingame yet..these are always catching some people out ..
So relax take your time things will get rolling and remember this is Jade dynasty and not the last game you just came from somethings will be different! But Here is where you should make use of your quest log. look at it see what the quest says

Ok now get your gear ...
The green chest/inductors chest and the NPC you are directed too .. cool now run outside the city and kill somethings cool.
no you dont need super armor to kill butterflies and frogs ,wild wolfs and boars relax its coming..

There are a bunch of NPC's u will visit a lot ..

The main man to begin with is Tanis Ka ...He is your daily source of lunarshades, buffs and double exp..and armor for later on but more about armor later ..
Tannis gives you free stuff use it because after lvl 90 its gone apart from the one lunarshade you can get off him.Now go kill more and take a break from the quest to go outside the walls and collect some stuff.. you want your armor a little better go find refinery talisman's.. refine the gear you got but beware refinery is a risky thing so try have a spare set of your basic armor and weapon, some of the gear from the chest are already refined for you . so add a boost to it but embuing it . embuing is adding a extra something to it like health,defence,spirit,attack etc...
these talismans are best found by killing things at first because with only the little amount of copper you have the first 1 gold looks 1000000 miles away but dont worry it will come .
I'll point out the main NPC's you should focus on because if you run around talking to every NPC you will end up with quest that you cant really get too and if you did you will die.

so the main guy you want to see to get stuff of everyday is Tanis ka and now he is giving divination once a day too ..a free little something extra.

Tanis Ka
Tailor Swaha
Stashkeep Tamsin
Pet Tamer Totto
Pet Master Ellan
Enchanter Taja
Esper Mystic Sheera
Eldest Matchmaker
Dispatcher Nere
Craftsman Tamasi
Clan Master
Blacksmith Shatra
Shady Dealer

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