10 free soul gold get it while it last

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10 free soul gold get it while it last

Post by UnitAkira on Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:01 pm

here is the link for the facebook 10 free soulgold event they are running ...
Want free Soul Gold? You can get 10 free Soul Gold every 24 hours with just a click of a button!
You can also access this page by clicking on the Community tab and click on Facebook Connect.

1. Go to:http://fw.perfectworld.com/facebook
2. Login to your Perfect World account.
3. The page will then ask you to login to your Facebook account.
4. Then follow the directions to collect your item.
4. The Soul Gold will be delivered to your selected character's Mailbox.

Note: Limit once every 24 hours per account. If you're having issues with accessing the page, please try updating your browser or try a different browser. Also try logging out and logging back into your Perfect World account. You can receive a free Soul Gold Pack every 24 hours. Although this is an ongoing event with no end date, we may end the event at a future date or change the prize item.

the link again

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