How to set up your clan skills

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How to set up your clan skills

Post by UnitAkira on Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:36 am

Here is a Quick run down on a way to set up your clan skills as to help the three skills level up faster.

So shared fortune is a passive skill that u can only level by handing in provs at the clan master.
the other three Strength of Union ,Diehard Fighters ,and Team Work are best placed in the last three slots on ur esper skill bar and then set up to fire right after the cool down finishes .
so open your skills menu and find the clan skills under the social tab and the under the expertise sub tab . the top three skills we are going to move over and place in the last three slots in our esper skill bar, simply by clicking and dragging them over and its done .
so basically anytime you use your esper you will also help push up the levels of your clan skills .


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