Multi clienting

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Multi clienting

Post by UnitAkira on Wed Jan 11, 2012 3:27 pm

Depending on the game, you may be able to multi client legally . running two accounts at once (or for some people more than 2.. but more than 2 is normally a bannable offence ) . most games are ok with mutli clienting but with certain rules imposed on its use.
Here we will deal with FW . FW allows 2 accounts to be open per computer/person. The following is from the FW forums posted by crabclaw
"You may only have two accounts running on one PC at a time. You are not limited to what you do in-game with those two accounts. Vend with one and quest with the other, or quest with both, and so on."
to multi client is pretty simple .
1. first open the game normally
2. go to where you have FW installed .for myself its C: "Perfect World Entertainment > Forsaken World > Update > Game.exe"
oops got ahead of myself but anyway head to where its installed.
find the update folder.
then find the Game.EXE and open that up .
that should bring up a new login screen . log in your second account and away u go .


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