Clan Skills Guide

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Clan Skills Guide

Post by UnitAkira on Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:48 am

Clan Skills

You may or may not be the leader of a Clan . But this is to try and help all of you who are in a clan and are trying to help get the skill levels up on the buffs .
mainly here we are dealing with the Shared Fortune skill and leveling it .
This is the skill that requires members to donate Provs in which to level it Via the clan master in Sunstream.
you are required to donate stacks of a certain type of prov. 2 or 3 different kinds from certain maps and thus why they are labeled grade 2 grade 4 etc. each grade relating to a map. For those you who dont know what a stack means , it means 50 in the case of provs but in general a stack simply means the max amount that can be stored in one storage space of an item.

anyway onwards ok the level and location of the provs and skill .

Shared fortune Clan skill .

Clan Skill level/Provs Map

Level 1 .
Scarla Wood and Burry Herb jadeon
Level 2.
Glitera Jade and Iron Ore skysong
level 3.
Iron Wood and Snakebite Herb skysong
level 4.
Copper Ore, Greewond Jasper and Yellaflora Wood. billows
level 5.
Dreamcasting Herb, Opal Jade, Silver Ore Doombog
level 6.
Dreamcasting Herb, Opal Jade, Stareaching Wood Doombog
level 7.
Dreamcasting Herb, Stareaching Wood, Silver Ore DoomBog
level 8.
Green Jasper, Gold Ore and Longevity Wood Wildlands
level 9.
Everlasting Herb, Green Jasper and Gold Ore Wildlands
level 10.
Celeon Wood, Redsilver Ore and Aurea Jasper Incense Valley
level 11.
Dragonwhisker Herb, Celeon Wood and Redsilver Ore Incense Valley
level 12.
Celepalace Jade, Blackgold Ore and Fusang Wood Southern Border
level 13.
Nine-Ear Grain, Celepalace Jade and Blackgold Ore Southern Border
level 14.
Magnagrain Stem, Impera Jasper and Celepool Lotus Kunlun

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